From a Freshly-Brewed Concept
to a Finely-Blended Experience

A decade ago, we dreamed of starting up a tea house like no other. We wanted to create a chilled-out space which provided an escape from Dublin’s crowded streets; a relaxing alternative to the city’s noisy, bustling coffee shops. We envisaged a hip, desirable place where people could hang with friends, enjoy a date or hold a casual business meeting. Within this setting, we wanted to offer the finest selection of teas from far-flung places alongside exotic fruity flavours of shisha.

And so, we brewed our ideas and poured our heart and soul into our venture. Like a fine leaf blend, Tea Garden was the end result. Established in 2008, this unique premium hangout spot quickly became the place to go for good times in Dublin.

Ten Years of Tea Garden

Now, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are proud to say that our original idea has grown beyond those nascent dreams.

Tea Garden is the only place of its kind and the first place in Ireland where shisha can be smoked. We now offer the biggest range of teas and shisha in the region, all served in a relaxed Oriental-inspired atmosphere.

Tea Garden is a contemporary venue – an infusion of trending concepts and spiritual vibes in a cosy, intimate setting. It’s more than a tea party; it’s an experience not to be missed, even if you think tea isn’t your thing!

Stop by, drop in or contact us to book your table.